Planning your shoot

When planning your song choices we suggest this simple formula to create a good reel.

  1. Choose a song that has a strong opening that really shows off your voice and style....remember that you want to get the viewers attention straight away so the first track is very important

  2. Your next track should be more focused on showing your general genre. If you feature a lot of musical theatre, 80s or swing and jazz, this is a good place to show it off. 

  3. The third song ideally should show your up-beat side. Remember that your audience want to know that they will be able to dance to your set and you also want them to feel uplifted at the end of watching your reel. This makes them want to act on what they have just seen and a booking should follow!

If you are having trouble deciding or want some advice then please do drop us a message or give us a call and we will be happy to point you in the right direction


We ask that you provide your tracks on a USB stick or disc in MP3 or WAV format. We can not stress enough the importance of good quality tracks. 


We strongly advice against downloading tracks from Youtube as the quality is awful and there is no point spending money on good quality promo if your tracks are not up to standard. 

It is so easy to get good quality tracks at very affordable prices. One of our preferred sites is with tracks costing only £1.50 for great qulity sounding tracks.

It helps us a lot if you let us know your track choices prior to your filming day so we can plan for lighting etc.


The studio is located at Moss Mill Industrial estate (BIZ SPACE), Woodbine Street East, Rochdale, OL16 5LB

We are on the 4th floor (unit 4M), head in through the building reception and up the stairs or in the lift .If you have any difficulty finding us simply call us on arrival (0161 949 7828 ) and we will come to meet you. 

Getting ready

We have dressing room facilities at the studio but we request that make up is as close to ready as possible as this can delay start times and reduce your filming time.


For show reels and photography we suggest three changes of clothes. This is not mandatory but will give a good variation of looks for your reel.


If we are recording your vocals then we will do this first. It is essential that you know the song well as you will be lip syncing to your recording when filming.

Once we are happy with your recordings we will then choose the sections of the songs that will make a good reel. We do this so you only have to film the sections we are going to use. This allows us to make the most of your filming time and keeps your energy up for the shoot.


A lot of our clients say that they dread this bit but soon relax and then love the process. 

We will film the sections of the songs for the reel with different lighting changes and backdrops. This will be done multiple times from different angles to give us a good variation in the edit.




If you are having your publicity pictures done with us we will do your shots at the end of each section of the reel so you do not have to keep changing costume.


After the shoot

OliBo usually work to quick turnaround times. We will send you a private YouTube link to your video for you to proof. We ask that if there are any problems with the edit that you simply use the time code on the video to guide us to the parts of the edit that need adjusting. Due to the amount of post production involved in creating your edit OliBo have a strict ONE re-edit policy. Any additional edits will be charged at £50 per edit.

When you are happy with the video we will upload it to our Youtube channel and add some keywords to get your video noticed. You can also use the link to share on social media etc. 

We will also send you a Dropbox link where you can download your video file and full MP3's of your full mixed tracks.

If you have had your pictures done as well, we will send you a link to a private online gallery (often the same day as your shoot). Simply choose your images using the heart Icon to favourite the image. Once you have made your selections we ask that you send us a quick message to let us know so we can go in and see what images you have chosen and start editing. The sooner you choose your images the sooner we can get the edited shots back to you. OliBo charge £20 per edited image.