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OliBo have established a reputation for producing show reels for the best in the business. An OliBo show reel costs around the price of one gig and guarantees you countless gigs in return. 

OliBo take care of your audio recording and mixing, filming and editing  

Good Promo can Get You Any Job....Bad promo limits you, your earning potential and your chance of beating your competition


On arrival at OliBo, our musical producer and a member of our creative team will discuss with you how the shoot is going to go. We will look at your song choices to get the best ideas for lighting setups and the general feel of your reel. Everybody at OliBo is an entertainment professional and we know exactly what works for the different aspects of the business. If you are looking to book cruise ships, get an agent or be cast on theater tours, we know how to get the attention of the right people...why?...because we speak to them most days!

Meet Your OliBo Creatives


Record Your Audio

Our musical producers will work with you to get the best out of your vocal. Our spacious, isolated vocal booth allows you to get lost in your performance so you can give it your best. We use all of the modern production techniques to make you shine.


Shoot Your New Reel

Our creative team consists of some of the best in the business and we LOVE what we do. We use modern lighting techniques, filming equipment and production practices to make your reel stand out from the rest. 

Professionally  Edited, Full HD Show Reel​


We only use the most up to date editing software and visual fx. Our reels are edited to keep the viewer watching throughout. We constantly use analytics to see what works and what dose not. Not only do we keep up to date with our methods but we also look at everybody else's so that we keep ahead of the game . 

Social Media Video Pre Optimised For Instagram, Facebook available

Social media is everything when it comes to marketing and we make sure you are fully armed with your promo. OliBo can provide you with tan optimised video from your reel so you are ready to upload to social media platforms with videos that work! These videos are re-scaled to fit the full screen and are the correct duration for Instagram. We also change our settings to make sure they present in the highest quality possible for that platform. 

Full Use Of Our Dressing Facilities, Green Room & Kitchen

OliBo have a large dressing room with make up mirrors, work top, phone charging and seating. Our kitchen and green room area offer a place off-set to relax and refresh during your time with us. 

Free Guest WiFi & Parking

Our guests enjoy free unlimited WiFi and our large car park is free during your time at the studio. 

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