Entertainment Photography

Images for entertainment are of paramount importance as they are required to capture the excitement and creative vision of the performance/performer in a single moment.

OliBo have a reputation of getting this right first time.

An OliBo photographer is as seasoned in entertainment as the job they are shooting. Constantly the go to company for theatre tours, holiday entertainment providers and creative directors, OliBo always get the shot.

Our 3000 sq ft studio is equipped for the majority of photo shoots and OliBo can always provide photography on site and on location. 

Publicity Images

Your image is everything in entertainment. OliBo produce images that make you look expensive! 


We approach every shoot with a clear brief of the clients needs and usage intentions.


We know how to capture perfect poster images for panto and theatre tours, cruise ships, fly backs and hotels. 


OliBo are the first choice for many UK agents, producers and entertainment professionals.    

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OliBo are the first choice for many production companies who rely on strong images for marketing. 

Our photographers know entertainment backwards and (most importantly) what is needed to sell a production.