Business Video

What We Achieve For Our Clients 


At OliBo we are tirelessly committed to producing the highest quality digital content possible and increasing the strength of your business's brand. 

We create custom marketing strategies tailor made to your company; these are specifically designed to develop digital impact, broaden online reach and, ultimately, grow your audience. 

Get your message in front of your customers with a professional promotional video

Engage your customers and increase your profit

We at OliBo love nothing more than creating film from scratch.  Our clients often come to us with only their goal….and let us do the rest. Promotional Business Videos & Adverts

​We take care of everything from script writing to casting and from production to delivery. With the use of our animation and green screen facilities the possibilities really are endless.  

​From simple ‘talking head’ videos to all out cinematic production, OliBo will always hit the mark

An OliBo produced promotional video can be as true to your business as you wish.

We can bring the real people from your business into the video. We can film on location, in your office or any place you choose.

We can also supply professional actors, models, singers, makeup artists and voice over specialists if required.

How do we design your promotional video?

​At our consultation we will discuss ideas for content, location, style and target audience. We will discuss your budget and time frame.

After this our team will have enough information to prepare a treatment and detailed quotation.

Once a script is created we move onto production.

When it comes to production OliBo will have everything in place to ensure your shoot runs smoothly.

Depending on your budget, OliBo can provide locations, hair and make-up, special effects and more.

Our team will capture more than enough footage for the edit and our director will make sure everything is to your preference.

We make sure that you are part of the process the whole way through so that the final product is something we can all be proud of.

​In post-production we can add royalty free music, voice overs and impressive text to give your video a professional finish.

For every hour spent filming we spend two on the edit, cutting, splicing and synchronised the camera shots to produce a highly professional eye catching video that will carry your message as you intended.

We have a fast turn around on videos compared to other companies and you will receive a call when its ready for you to proof.